Ozcut Broadheads - From Humble Beginnings

Ozcut Broadheads - From Humble Beginnings

Bowhunting has been a passion of mine from a young age, something ingrained into my very being. The sport consumes my thought process constantly and I often finding myself thinking of ways to become a better bowhunter, some would call it an obsession.

From early on, I became a perfectionist with my equipment. I simply could not use something second rate or defective. 100% confidence in my equipment was vital to success in the field, where no mistakes could be made.

This very mindset is what led me to follow the path, that is now Ozcut Broadheads. An idea of creating the ''ultimate"  broadhead for my own personal use was the very first step in the creation of Ozcut Broadheads and still remains the basis of everything we operate under, quality, not compromise. 

Initially, very few 185gn 2 Blade broadheads were produced to my exact specifications and likening, a head that I could rely on and was perfectly tailored to hunting big Australian Mountain Boars that I am so fond of. 

With interest slowly becoming attached to this design, the Ozcut brand slowly but surely turned from a small scale hobby to an established and well trusted Broadhead within Australia and surrounds. 

We currently have 12 Broad Heads in our range, that I will personally vouch for and stand by 100% and plans to further extend this range into 2017. 

Ozcut Broadheads has allowed me to further channel my passion for bowhunting into something far greater, where I too am able to share the success of every one of our team members. It has been an amazing journey thus far and I look forward to further developing Ozcut Broadheads into the future with the help of our loyal customers.

Happy Hunting, 

Nick Morton - Founder 


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  • Nick Morton
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  • John Morton
    John Morton

    I just saw a video on YouTube of hogs hunting using these broadheads and it peaked my interest. I hunt with a longbow ad well as a compound sometimes. I wish now I would have waited before buying the new broadheads this year and bought these. I paid twice as much. I like the look of these and will definitely have to try a pack of the 150gr. Keep up the videos and thank you for the information.


  • Alain Gouault
    Alain Gouault

    I’m about to use the 125gn elite 3 blade and see how many phone books I can penetrate at 130m.

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