The Foundation of Ozcut Broadheads

The Ultra4 Series

The Ultra4 Series 0

Its no secret that our Elite Series of broadheads have been trusted by thousands of bowhunters around the globe over the last few years. With this in mind, we set out to create a replaceable blade 4 blade broadhead with the same foundations of reliability and durability that Ozcut Broadheads are known for.
  • Nick Morton
The "Takedown" Series is Born

The "Takedown" Series is Born 0

The Main focus with Ozcut Broadheads has primarily been on producing high quality Broadheads with no corners cut, quality is a must. This however does sometimes put the budget conscious bowhunter too far out of pocket to justify the purchase costs of such high quality broadheads.

With this taken into consideration, we have attempted to jam pack as many of the features we know and trust in the Elite Series and put them in a Broadhead, on a "budget". The Takedown Series represents the ultimate in affordability and functionality, in a broadhead that actually works, something that many Bowhunters will benefit from.

We look forward to seeing the rise in popularity of the Takedown series amongst the budget conscious bowhunter, bridging the gap between reliability and affordability!


  • Nick Morton